Helping businesses and the community grow and prosper.


ChamberONE Mission Statement

Business Partners dedicated to serving and supporting members by growing businesses together through an intentional leads/referrals program, connecting professionals and inspiring future leaders.

How ChamberONE Groups Work

ChamberONE Groups are groups from within the East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce (ESTCC) promoting leads/referrals and Chamber functions. ChamberONE Groups are based on trust, commitment and leads/referrals. A successful Leads Group has committed members who attend meetings regularly, develop trusting and professional business relationships, and pass quality business leads and referrals. In order to uphold loyalty between group members, individuals may only participate in one group. It is normal for new members not to receive leads in the first few months, since this is time spent conveying your company needs and identifying your potential customers. It also takes time for your group members to understand and trust your product and service. It is important for you to effectively convey your needs to the group members so you can receive quality leads and referrals. Likewise, offering quality leads to your group members develops and strengthens your position in the group. However, the success of the ChamberONE Groups will be measured by encouraging members to exchange leads/referrals with members of all ChamberONE Groups and Chamber members.

Meeting Times and Locations:

  • Group 1 meets every Tuesday 8am  @ SpeckleT’s
  • Group 2 meets every Tuesday 8 am @ Open Arms Communtiy Center
  • Group 3 meets every Thursday 8am @ Lordes Insurance Group
  • Group 4 meets every Tuesday 11:30am @ Fatty’s Seafood
  • Group 5 meets every Thursday 11:30am @ Fatty’s Seafood


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