15 Characteristics You Should Contemplate When Purchasing Office Chairs For Your Employees

Of all the items of commercial furniture you may purchase for your business, government department, educational establishment, or health facility, the office chairs should have the most attention paid to them when selecting. As it is the office chairs that individuals will be using for more hours than any other office furniture, and thus will have the most impact on their physical well-being, choosing office chairs should not be done on a whim, nor purely at the lowest cost.

It beggars belief that business owners and those responsible for running an organization that employs office workers are blinded to the fact that better quality chairs designed to provide those who use them the most comfort and support will benefit that business or organization through fewer sick days, a happier workforce, and increased productivity.

Compare and contrast that by getting office chairs on the cheap, poorly designed ones that offer little of the benefits of a quality office chair. This can lead to unhappy workers whose productivity drops due to their being uncomfortable, and ultimately, they have time off work due to muscle problems or issues with back pain.

So, choosing office chairs requires due consideration. To help you, we have outlined fifteen points from the experts at Atama Furniture to help you contemplate which chairs to purchase.

#1 – The more ways in which an office chair can be adjusted, the better it is for those who use it. Look for adjustable height, depth, width, arms, and headrests.

#2 – Select office chairs with different dimensions to suit your employees with different heights, weights, and stature sizes.

#3 – Try to avoid office chairs with fixed backrests. Instead, look for those that offer an adjustable backrest and built-in lumber support.

#4 – The seat depth, or slide as it is sometimes called, is another adjustment allowing more than one employee to use an office chair.

#5 – Make sure that the load capacity of the chairs you purchase is sufficient to accommodate those employees who weigh more than average.

#6 – Do not overlook the importance of the material and upholstery on the chairs with particular reference to their comfort and ease of cleaning.

#7 – A key consideration when selecting office chairs is whether a single individual or multiple employees will use them within the office.

#8 – Ensure that you consider employees who have specific health requirements or disabilities and that any office chair purchased for their use is suitable.

#9 – The specific tasks within the office should be taken into account. For example, meeting office chairs will differ from those used in a call center.

#10 – Office chairs with armrests are preferable as they minimize the strain on elbows and wrists. Those with adjustable or cushioned armrests, or both, are best.

#11 – Office chairs with wheels or castors allow users more significant movement; therefore, they need less stretch for items.

#12 – A rule of thumb is prioritizing the comfort and functionality of the office chairs you purchase over their aesthetic value.

#13 – Be aware that color can influence moods. So, if you buy office chairs with colors, research colour psychology before choosing.

#14 – Check the warranties offered by the office furniture company you buy your office chairs from. The longer and more comprehensive they are, the better.

#15 – If your business or organization is environmentally aware, ask your office chair suppliers about disposal and recycling options.