Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Nowadays it seems that everyone and their mother has either a Twitter or Facebook account. Social media networks are incorporated into practically every area of our lives, making it easier and more accessible to connect and communicate with others.

Small wonder that the corporate world is looking at ways to utilize the power of social media to its benefit. When designing a marketing campaign for your organisation, there are many social media-friendly strategies that can be employed.

To broaden your reach and make gains in clientele, you must use the mediums your clients are using when they look for your product or service. This will not only ensure you get a great return on investment but also enable you to communicate with the right audience.

In a recent interview, Adam Davies – founder of Show Clicks and a regular speaker on social media – stated that “People these days want up-to-date information and want to connect with each other in a more effective and efficient manner. Social media platforms allow people to stay connected in ways that were not available before.