5 SEO Actions To Improve Your Furniture Design Studio’s Search Engine Rankings

5 SEO Actions To Improve Your Furniture Design Studio’s Search Engine Rankings

If you own a furniture design studio, according to the SEO consultant Peter Brittain, one of the most effective ways to attract new clients is by taking steps to boost the ranking of your website on Google. In doing so, whenever someone who is looking for a furniture design studio enters a relevant search term, if your website ranks well, it will be one of the first to appear.

This does not happen by magic and takes a degree of time and effort, but it can be done, especially if you follow some simple SEO actions. These activities help to increase the relevance of your website in the eyes of Google for the search terms you are targeting. Here are those 5 key SEO actions…

Publish High-Quality Content on Your Website

Whenever someone clicks through to your website from Google, they should be expecting to find content on your website that is of a high standard. This applies to all content whether it be articles, videos, or images. It also helps to have a variety of content formats on your website so that there is something everyone can enjoy. Great content helps to build trust and credibility with your audience and move them closer to taking action, such as request a quote or a call back.

Make Every Visitor’s Experience Is A Great One

Your goal for your website should be to make the experience of everyone who lands on it a fantastic one. This can be achieved by having great content and by ensuring all the technical elements and functionality are 100%. This includes making sure the website loads quickly, the design is pleasing to the eye, and that you do not have sales messages screaming out on every page. All of this keeps visitors on your website for longer, which is an indicator Google uses to boost rankings.

Ensure Metadata Is In Place And 100% Accurate

Metadata is a form of identification used by Google to ascertain the relevancy of websites and what they are trying to rank for. It is basically text that forms part of your website’s coding and which Google can read when crawling your website. Examples of metadata include the title and description of the website, keywords, and tags, which further identify your website on every page. To help your SEO it is essential that every element of your website’s metadata is present and accurate.

Identify Relevant Keywords Especially Those With High Search Volumes

In order to rank on Google, you first need to determine what keywords you wish to rank for. Obviously, many will relate to furniture design and will include a mixture of single words and longer phrases. In particular, you want to identify which of these get searched for the most, as these are going to generate the greatest amount of traffic. Once you know which keywords you wish to rank for, you can then include these in all parts of your SEO, including your content and metadata.

Create Backlinks to Your Website From High Authority Websites

Backlinks are the links you see on websites which, when clicked, open up another website in your browser. These backlinks play an important role in Google’s ranking formula. First, the keyword text that is included in the link provides relevancy, and second, some of the authority that Google believes the website where the link appears to have, is passed on to the website that the link is pointing to, and thus provides a boost to that second website’s ranking.