Easy Ways to Get that Creativity Spark Back

Easy Ways to Get that Creativity Spark Back

Find Inspiration from Websites Showcasing new Designs

If you are lacking in inspiration and need to get your creative spark back, then browsing through websites that showcase designs by different web designers can help you get your magic touch back. This process of stimulating your capacities does not intend to be a copying exercise, simply a way to incorporate and develop new design ideas.

There are many websites that provide extensive design galleries through which you can browse and find inspiration from; however, not all specialize in showcasing creative designs, specifically for this purpose.

Some Excellent Sources of Inspiration

Web Creme:

Web Creme is one of those websites that focus specifically on the designing of websites, and if this is what you are looking for then you will find your part of action with Web Creme. When browsing through this website you will find a large number of websites that are showcased every day, which concentrate on the quality of their design more than any other element.

The websites that are on the show here, are real websites designed by genuine professionals, they are not websites designed following other models or using theories of conception.

I Love Typography:

I Love Typography is an excellent website for designers needing inspiration for new typography styles. Content and style are essential for overall presentation of a website, and they need to compliment the overall design, blending in harmoniously with the images and colours of the website’s pages. The “I love Typography” website was launched just over a year ago and has become extremely popular with web designers, as it provides some excellent design material and useful articles.

If you are looking for ideas to enhance the content on a website, then this is where you will find them, as well as a multitude of innovative graphics. In addition to inspiration the website offers a very good source of the various fonts you can use, with downloadable free font catalogues.

Design Flavr:

For those who usually work with Illustrator or Photoshop or any similar graphic editors and applications, the Design Flavr website may be the solution to the lack of creative spark. Within the website, you will find various categories listed, including Flash and CSS websites, advertising, photo exploitation and examples of digital art.

Do not expect the artwork and design to be professional work. However, it is of excellent quality and much better than any other amateur work submitted to many other websites showcasing new designs and trend. The designs are periodically reviewed and replaced by new ones with quality being a strict parameter of this website.


Creattica has many features such as flash and CSS websites, business cards, categories for logos and a variety of other options offering an extensive choice of inspiration. It mainly focuses on the designing and creation of website flash, business cards, posters, logos, wallpaper iPad, HTML/CSS, motion graphics, snowboard art and other similar creations, which can help designers during the creation of a website.

The designs that are featured here, all pass an evaluation test by specialized staff, thus providing you with only the best examples of web designs. The quality of the designs is authentic and the website is user-friendly and agreeable, as it is not overloaded with advertisements and too many distracting tabs.


Behance Network presents designers with a vast array of illustrations, digital images, typography, story boards and design games that are without doubt distinctive as contrary to other websites. You can search through the website by using the various preference options, which sort out designs and other categories by “most viewed or “most talked about.”

This will help your choose what type of design you wish to glean inspiration on, be it those that appeal to the majority of consumers or those which appeal to the more controversial users.

Creative Depart:

Creative Depart is another website that you may find to be a great source of inspiration when focusing on the creation of websites for photographic and video purposes. There are other design packages featured here, and you can even upload your own work to the website or enter contests or participate to graphic design events.

There is no end to the resources you can discover on the Internet if you are finding it hard to come up with innovative designs and a fresh approach to web designing techniques.