Free Joomla Module – Horizontal Zoom Menu

Free Joomla Module - Horizontal Zoom Menu

1. Install Horizontal Zoom Menu.

Horizontal Zoom Menu installs like any other Joomla Module. If you are not familiar with Joomla Extensions installation, you can watch short video tutorial about how to install joomla extensions.

2. Horizontal Zoom Menu Configuration

Horizontal Zoom Menu has administrator configuration component where you can add new thumbnails to Horizontal Zoom Menu, add tooltip text, link and target window.

To access administrator configuration component navigate: Components –> WST Horizontal Zoom Menu.

First “Screen” shows currently added menu items (thumbnails, tooltip text, link, link target…)

2.1 Upload new image for thumbnail

Click on the Upload button – upper right

Click on Upload link

Browse for desired image and click Upload – upper right

2.2 Add new menu item

Click on New – upper right

From Uploaded Images section mouse over filename for preview and click to select thumbnail

Fill all fields (tooltip text, URL, URL target, order…) and click Save – upper right

2.3 Configuration

Click on Config – upper right

Setup all parameters

Click on Save – upper right

3. Publish Horizontal Zoom Menu to module position

Navigate to Module Manager

From Select Type drop down menu filter select WST Horizontal Zoom Menu

Click on menu name to edit position, publish state, menu assignment.

4. Custom Background Color

With your FTP client browse to modules/mod_wst_horizontal_zoom_menu/ and edit helper.php file

Find line \’wmode\’, \’transparent\’, and change it to \’wmode\’, \’window\’,

Find line \’bgcolor\’, \’#333333\’, and change #333333 to your color – you must use hexadecimal color value