How To Prepare For A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

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If the time has come for the carpets or couches in your offices or other areas of your business premises, to be cleaned then we hope that you have taken the sensible decision to employ professional commercial carpet cleaners or couch cleaning perth. The difference between using them and either doing it with in-house staff or cheap amateurs is stark.

First, your carpets will be cleaned as they should be, they will be at no risk of damage, and the fact that they will be cleaned correctly means that the time until the next time you have to have them cleaned, should be prolonged. If you already know all this and have indeed arranged for professional carpet cleaners to do the work, then great. Now we need to talk about the part you play in the carpet cleaning process.

You may be surprised by that last statement, given that the whole idea of paying for a team of professional carpet cleaners should mean that you avoid having to do the carpet cleaning yourself. That is true, however, before they arrive there are some tasks which you need to undertake to make their job easier and to ensure that they can clean your carpet without any risks or delays.

What we mean is that there is some minimal preparation work that you or your staff should undertake before the appointment you have with the carpet cleaning company. It should make the work go more smoothly, and it also eliminates any risks of something going wrong. Examples of this could be one of the cleaning staff being injured. Whilst extremely rare, it still pays to take precautions and prepare properly.

Vacuum Your Carpets

You might expect that vacuuming your carpets would be something your carpet cleaning company will do for you, and it can be, but they will charge you for doing so. In truth, vacuuming genuinely requires no real skills other than ensuring that you vacuum every square inch of the carpet.

As such, it makes sense from a financial perspective to arrange for you, or your in-house cleaner, to vacuum the carpets that are going to be cleaned, rather than paying a premium for the professionals to vacuum them.

Vacuuming will also help to remove any surface dust and grime and that in turn will mean that when the professionals get there, their carpet cleaning processes will be even more effective because they can get around to removing stains and deep cleaning your carpet immediately.

Be Aware Where The Main Issues Are

Even if your carpet cleaners have already done a site visit, and especially if they have not, you should know exactly where all the most troublesome areas are on your carpets for staining and marks. Ask your staff to report any to you and this is even more useful if you know what each stain is, such as ink, coffee, or food. When the carpet cleaners arrive pass this information to them, so they know exactly what specific stains are present.

Move Furniture And Equipment

If you want the entire area of your carpets cleaned then it is certain that many items will need to be moved. Apart from allowing for access to clean the carpet, there is also a safety perspective. You do not want a pile of boxes to fall onto a carpet cleaning operative as they are doing their work, nor any of your equipment damaged. So, move everything that needs to be moved and ensure that anything which cannot be moved, is safe and stable.