30 Office Cleaning Tasks And How Often They Should Be Done

30 Office Cleaning Tasks And How Often They Should Be Done

One of the core principles of effective commercial cleaning by Gleam Clean is that different cleaning tasks should be done on a specific schedule. In other words, whilst there are some cleaning that needs to take place every day, and sometimes more than once a day, there are also other tasks that should be done on a weekly, or monthly basis.

Knowing this information as it relates to your office means you are more able to discuss with the commercial cleaners you have hired, what your needs are, so, without further ado, here are thirty office cleaning tasks and their recommended scheduling divided into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks x 10

  • Check and replace damaged or worn carpet tiles and rugs
  • Shred and discard unneeded documents
  • Rearrange furniture to even carpet wear
  • Declutter by removing office items that are unused or unwanted
  • Check all light bulbs and replace them as necessary
  • Wax and polish all floors
  • Vacuum office furniture and heating/ventilation/air conditioning vents
  • Replace textile materials such as cushion covers and curtains
  • Clean, dust and disinfect difficult to reach areas including windows, cabinets, and ceilings
  • Deep clean carpets using a steam cleaner

Weekly Cleaning Tasks x 10

  • Scrub areas within toilets and kitchens such as tiles and sinks
  • Clean the inside and the outside of windows
  • Movable items which gather dust such as portable fans should be dusted
  • Hardwood flooring and table tops should be polished and buffed
  • Desktop equipment such as keywords, computer terminals, and monitors to be sanitised
  • Wipe all stairway handrails
  • Refill all soap dispensers and hand sanitisers
  • Any unwanted, spoiled, or out of date food and drink to be removed from staffroom fridge
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen equipment including fridge, microwave, and cooker
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpets, rugs, and mats

Daily Cleaning Tasks x 10

  • Sweep all hard floor surfaces
  • Mop and disinfect all hard floor surfaces
  • Wipe all door handles and light switches
  • Empty all rubbish bins, and paper shredder receptacles
  • Dust all surfaces including desks and office equipment
  • Refill toiler tissue and paper towel holders
  • Wipe surfaces in toilets including toilet seats and sinks
  • Ensure all watermarks are removed in toilets and kitchen
  • Clean all internal glass including glass dividers, mirrors and within doors
  • Clean staff room/kitchen including counters, sink, tables, and chairs

You may have read these and disagreed with some of the scheduling based on how the cleaning of your offices occurs. That is fine because these are simply suggestions and ideas for those who might not have as comprehensive a cleaning routine as they should do. In addition, if you feel that any specific task should be done more often than what we have suggested, then by all means do it more often. It is better to do it more frequently, than less.

Also, not every task will apply to everyone such as offices which have all hard flooring and thus no carpet, or those which do not have a staff kitchen. Those specific tasks that apply to kitchens and carpets can be ignored. Also, your office might have some specific cleaning needs which are outside the scope of this article, such as specialist equipment or bespoke furniture. If so, then speak to your commercial cleaning company for advice on how often their cleaning should be done.