How to Create an Evacuation Diagram

For your business to meet its obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, you need to have an evacuation diagram and procedures. While fire protection services can assist with making sure you do it properly, there is also plenty of information on the internet to show you how straightforward it can be. We’ve also included some basic information below to put you one step closer to compliance.

What Your Evacuation Diagram Needs To Have

Evacuation diagrams don’t have to be masterpieces. They don’t even have to be expertly drawn. What they do need to be, though, is accurate.

They should include the basic layout of your property, with lines to form accurate walls and doors. Mark with a red dot the area the person is in if they are staring at the diagram. From that point, they can work out how to access other parts of the building in an emergency.

A basic compass should be present in the diagram’s corner, which identifies which way is north. You will also need to include exterior exit points, which should be accessible and clear at all times.