Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Removalists Business

Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Removalists Business

No matter what type of website your removalists business has, you should be aware that one of the internet’s most popular type of websites is blogs. These have become hugely popular, not just for those who visit them and consume the content which they find on their favourite blogs, but also for those who have created those blogs.

The latter group covers a wide spectrum with blogs created by everyone from retired individuals sharing their life stories, to multi-billion dollar corporations whose blogs are read by tens of thousands of visitors. Admittedly those two examples are at either end of the spectrum, but what that should indicate is that no matter how large or how small your removalist business is, it can still benefit by having a blog.

The first point about blogs that we need to make you aware of is that they are very easy to set up. In most cases you do not need to register a new domain or create a new website, especially if your current website was created on a platform such as WordPress, Wax or Squarespace, for example. These are just three of the many website platforms where it is possible to add a blog. If are unsure which of these applies then speak to the agency who designed your website.

Normally the next question we hear from business owners is what content they should be adding to a blog. They often do so with absolutely no idea what options they have, which is ironic, because the options are almost unlimited. In truth there really are no exclusions or limits on what you add to blog provided 1) It has relevance to your business, and 2) It is respectful. In other words no adult humour, bad language or anything that could be considered offensive.

Apart from those 2 caveats with regards to content, the options as to what you post on your removalist business’s blog are limited only by your imagination. To give you a head start here is a list of no fewer than 20 blog posts ideas you can use. Bear in mind if your removalist business offers services to both homeowners and businesses, then each post can be rewritten to suit one or the other, doubling your potential blog post ideas.

  • Advice About Moving House/Office
  • Packing Ideas And Advice
  • Storage Ideas And Advice
  • How To Prevent Damage To Breakable Items
  • Information About Interstate Moves
  • FAQs
  • Case Studies
  • Meet The Owners/Team
  • Company History
  • Guest Posts From Other Business Owners
  • Testimonials From Previous Clients
  • Services Updates
  • Industry News
  • Surveys
  • ‘The Ultimate Guide To…’ Then Add Anything Related To Moving Home Or Office
  • ‘Don’t Make These Office/House Moving Mistakes’
  • Funny Stories
  • The Most Unusual Items You Have Ever Had To Move
  • The Most Expensive Items You Have Had To Move
  • The Most Difficult Moves You Have Ever Undertaken

These are just a fraction of the many blog post ideas you can add to your blog, and we are sure if you sat down and did a brainstorming session with your team for ideas you will come up with 100 more at least.

As for why you would want to start a blog on your removalists businesses website in the first place, there are three core benefits.

Improved Google Rankings: By adding new content regularly Google sees it and uses this within its algorithms to calculate your ranking. The more relevant and keyword optimised your posts are, the higher you will climb those rankings.

Increased Conversions: People prefer to do business with companies that they feel they can trust, and if you are providing regular free and useful information on your blog, that trust will surely be enhanced. This means better conversions and more chance of your getting referrals too.

Competitive Advantage: Some of your competitors might already be blogging, in which case you have taken a step to combat that. Some will not have a blog. In that case, you are setting your business apart from them and given your removalist business a competitive advantage.