Design the Perfect Navigation and Make it User-Friendly

Browsing from one page to the other of a website can really be confusing and frustrating. So much so, that many users simply give up. As a web designer and developer it is essential to plan your navigational menu, taking the user’s’ point of view into serious consideration.

A simple menu is not always enough for a user-friendly interface, and it may need specific requirements for it to be more streamlined.

Each individual type of website needs specific navigational requirements, depending on what type of users, services and products it is trying to target and market. Here are a few stereotype websites and the best changes that you should implement in order to keep your readers interested and motivated to stay on your website.

How to Find all that Content on News Websites?

News websites are a head-scratcher as they have a huge amount of content to place, which can easily lead to confusion as to what news is relative to which category and so on. The navigational menu is an absolute priority; otherwise the news items are lost on the readers.

A simple navigational menu on the top bar with a home button and several categories is simply not feasible, as readers would not be able to explore many other important facets of the website. People using news websites are looking for content and information, thus they need a more extensive navigational system within which to browse and find the news item, they are interested in.

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Easy Ways to Get that Creativity Spark Back

Find Inspiration from Websites Showcasing new Designs

If you are lacking in inspiration and need to get your creative spark back, then browsing through websites that showcase designs by different web designers can help you get your magic touch back. This process of stimulating your capacities does not intend to be a copying exercise, simply a way to incorporate and develop new design ideas.

There are many websites that provide extensive design galleries through which you can browse and find inspiration from; however, not all specialize in showcasing creative designs, specifically for this purpose.

Some Excellent Sources of Inspiration

Web Creme:

Web Creme is one of those websites that focus specifically on the designing of websites, and if this is what you are looking for then you will find your part of action with Web Creme. When browsing through this website you will find a large number of websites that are showcased every day, which concentrate on the quality of their design more than any other element.

The websites that are on the show here, are real websites designed by genuine professionals, they are not websites designed following other models or using theories of conception.

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Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu – Joomla Module

Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu for Joomla 1.5 – 2.5 with Administration Control Panel for multiple flash menus customization.

Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu Features:

– Unlimited numbers of Flash Menus on website
– Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu has transparent background
Tooltip on mouse over the flash menu item
– Use custom URL or select Article as Flash Menu item
– Special glow and shadow effect on mouse over
– Icon Size 256×256, 128×128, 64×64,48×48 or 32×32
– Icon file format PNG, GIF, JPG (transparent PNG recommended)

When you install com_AdvancedHorizontalFlashMenu, demo menu Flash Menu is installed by default.

You can either edit default flash menu, or you can create new ones by following steps below:

To create new flash menu:

1. Navigate to Components –> Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu

2. In Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu Control Panel click on New icon (upper right)

3. Enter new menu name (without spaces) and click on Create icon (upper right).

(New Menu is created in Control Panel and new module is automatically installed with the name of that menu.)

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